Compassion UK

I share Compassion with you, a chairty that is close to my heart, help us cancel out child poverty in Jesus name.

Rebecca Harris

Compassion is a leading child development charity, working with local churches in developing countries to release children from poverty. Our approach is a personal one: we link a child in poverty with a sponsor who provides them with access to education, health checks and the care of a church-based Compassion project.

We work in partnership with churches in 25 developing countries because we passionately believe local churches are best positioned to respond to the individual challenges and needs of their communities.

For just 83p a day, sponsorship provides a child in poverty with:

• Nutritious food
• Health check-ups
• The opportunity to go to school or access educational training
• Personal attention and guidance from loving staff members
• An age-appropriate Bible and Biblical teaching
• Literacy and life-skills training
• Vocational training such as bead-making or carpentry
• Encouragement from your letters

The unique structure of our one-to-one model allows sponsors to see the difference being made over time. Sponsors receive letters, photo updates and news from their sponsored child’s project.

Independent research shows that children sponsored through the Compassion programme are more likely to finish their education, find jobs and become community leaders. Through sponsorship, we’re impacting children, families, communities and entire nations.